A New Take on an Ancient Tale


Whether you know all the gory details or not…

…you probably know enough about the ancient tale of Medea to think twice before you let her babysit your kids.

Statue of Euripides holding a      tragic mask, the Vatican Museum

Euripides had heard something about her too. 

Inspired by the Greek myth of Medea and Jason, his play, Medea, was first performed in 431 BC at the The Dinoysia Festival in Athens.  The festival was held annually in honor of the Greek god of theatre and wine, Dionysus.  In the Dionysia, three playwrights competed against each other every year, resulting in a tetralogy of tragedies and one satyr play (it wasn’t until 487 b.c. that they allowed comedies into the Festival).

In 431 b.c. the plays that were performed alongside Euripides’ Medea were Philocretes by Sophocles (Euripides main rival) and Dictys by Euphrorion (the son of the famous playwright, Aeschylus), as well as the satyr play, Theristai.


Euripides placed last.


However, 2,400 years later, Euripides is having the last laugh.  His “losing play” has remained the most frequently performed, and arguably definitive Greek tragedy throughout the 20th century.

Indeed.  The play has been adapted countless times – from plays, to ballets, to operas- and most recently by Titan Theatre Company. 

The World Premier of this new take on an ancient tale, adapted by Nefeli Vasiliadou and Artistic Director Lenny Banovez, is currently running at The Queens Theatre through March 4th.

Vasiliadou translated the play from the original Greek, and Banovez drew on many previous adaptations to guide and shape the script.  The result is a truly unique telling of the ancient tale, which provides a deep, perilous, and delicious playground for any actor.

And over the past 2,400 years, actresses all over the world have skinned their theatrical elbows and knees on that playground, grappling with the immense challenge of taking on Medea herself.   A herculean task of Greek Drama proportions.  How do you even begin?

So I asked Leah Gabriel, who is currently playing Medea in Titan’s production just that: how do you even begin?


Leah Gabriel (LG): Well, first I panicked. Then I started talking to my wise friends and they said cool things like ‘the Greeks give you permission’, and ‘this will be many people’s first Medea so you get to create it for them’ and ‘she does terrible things, but it’s the audience who have to deal with how they feel about that’.

Next I just started working, learned some chunks of text (from a different translation, as our script was still being developed – which ended up being very helpful, having similar but different text to explore) and let myself roll around inside it for a while. It was scary. Medea does not hold back.

Next I went home to Australia for 2 months and spent time with my family. During that time I let the work I’d done settle a bit, and at some point said to myself  ‘you can be afraid all you want, and you might never feel ready, so all you can do is begin.’  When I arrived back in NYC, that’s exactly what I did.

Titan Theatre Company (TTC):  Now that you’ve been working on the play for awhile… do you think that Medea is the hero or the villain of this play?

LG: HA! Well, I think she’s a hero in many ways, she stands up and cries out against the betrayal she has suffered. From her perspective, she has one goal, and does whatever it takes to achieve it, and does so knowing she will ultimately pay the greatest price herself.  She is relentless and unflinching and willing to sacrifice everything…I have to admire that in her.

We live by different rules and moral codes than she does.  So I think her actions make her a villain, but her drive and fearlessness make her a hero.


TTC: What has it been like working on a new translation of such an ancient play?

LG: Not as difficult as I’d anticipated. It is not always the case with adaptations, but in this instance, being able to read multiple versions is a luxury really, it adds more layers to my understanding of the text.

TTC: How do you think this adaptation is different from others that you’ve read or seen?  

LG: In Titan’s adaptation, Jason is the only male. 

Leah Gabriel as Medea and Tristan Colton as Jason in Titan Theatre Company’s world premier adapatation

Which certainly changes the dynamic, since in this adaptation we lose the element of Medea as the lone female grappling to regain power in a male dominated world.

But she still gets boots in her face at every turn.  When you’re on the receiving end, it doesn’t matter who’s delivering the kick, it hurts just the same. And Medea is still an outsider, a warrior woman from a distant savage land, and in this version pitted against powerful women from a civilized society.  So the power dynamic still exists.  I will be very interested to see how audiences respond to this shift in circumstances.

This adaptation has also removed almost all reference to Medea being descended from the gods, some of the references to her abilities with dark magic and her departure at the end of the play in her dragon chariot! I think this helps make the play more palatable for modern audiences, and pares it right back to the most human parts of the story. It also means we can’t dismiss her actions as easily – though she is descended from gods, she feels human pain as acutely as we do and will suffer as much as Jason will.

TTC: What in your past experience has prepared you for this role?

LG: I did a play two years ago called The Good Girl where I played a woman who lived in a restrictive society and allowed herself to be abused in order to gain freedom from her situation.  She had to steel herself in order to survive. I think that was a pretty good warm up for this!

download (1)
The Good Girl by Emilie Collyer

I am also forever grateful for my training at Circle in the Square Theatre School and especially for my acting teachers Alan Langdon and Jacqueline Brookes.  I often go back to what they taught me, and would simply not have the tools to tackle this if it weren’t for them.



TTC: You’ve mentioned that you went home to Australia.  And also noted that Medea is an “outsider… from a distant land.”  Yourself, as a native Australian having immigrated to the United States — do you feel any connection to Medea’s situation?

LG: I do feel a connection with Medea in this way! I understand what it’s like to be very far away from family.  When hard times hit, you can feel completely alone. Then you suddenly… you learn how resilient you actually are!

In addition to Gabriel, Titan’s Medea features Broadway Veteran Ellen Fiske as The Nurse, Titan Resident Company members Tristan Colton as Jason and Alyssa Van Gorder as Aegeus, and Titan Journeymen Members Lindsay Nance as Glauce, Rachel Schmeling as The Nanny, and Guest Artist Molly Thomas as Creon.   Jake Lesh, Sara Ornelas, and Analiese Puzon  understudy.



For tickets and more information at this limited run visit http://www.titantheatrecompany.com/


A New Take on an Ancient Tale

Welcome the Journeyman

Meet Titan’s first official Journeyman Company.

Titan Theatre Company has not only renamed its

“Young Company”  –

but they’ve also revamped its role with the same kind of panache.

Although the name “THE JOURNERYMAN” may conjure images of a British-spy movie or team of superheroes…

…the term “journeyman” was originally used in the medieval trade guilds.  It denoted a skilled worker who has successfully completed an official apprenticeship qualification in a trade or craft.

Today you will meet the craftsmen and, yes, the superheroes who make up Titan’s first official JOURNEYMAN COMPANY.

kingsman1  download.jpg

  maxresdefault (2)

With the prerequisite of either a Masters of Fine Arts or two years experience in the New York theatre scene, these eight individuals were selected from all around the world to comprise the Journeyman Company.

Their Mission, should they choose to accept it:

  • The Journeymen will each be involved in at least 5(!) readings in Titan’s ground-breaking Shakespeare in Queens reading series this season.  
  • They will perform various roles – from leads to invaluable understudies – in Titan’s Mainstage shows.
  • They will have the opportunity to continue their study with Titan resident artists and visiting artists.
  • Their residency will culminate in a Workshop Production at the end of the season. (check back later in the season for dates and details)

Since you’re going to be seeing a lot of these eight Journeymen this coming Titan season, we thought it would be nice to introduce you to…

David Huynh HS no border


Where are you from? 

I’m originally from Lafayette, Louisiana. The region is called “Acadiana” and it’s the heart of Cajun Country.
I’m very happily living in Queens now.

What was the first play you were ever in?

Some cute Christmas show back in kindergarten. I was a tree.

How would people describe you in three adjectives?                                                                        
Kind, tenacious, energetic.

Where have you gone to school/trained?

I went to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for my undergrad and then the University of Houston Professional Actor Training Program for my MFA.

What is your favorite role you’ve played or show you’ve worked on?

Quang in VIETGONE tops the list. It was an amazing chance to work on a piece of Theatre about the Vietnam War, Vietnamese refugees, and starting a new life in America. I’m first-generation Vietnamese-American and it hit close to home. Plus, I got to rap and do a ludicrous kung fu fight scene. Lots of fun.

What actors do you most admire?

I’ve been an admirer of Randall Duk Kim since right before I started grad school. I think it’s incredible how much talent and craft that man had and how he was able to transcend racial barriers in the business back in the 70s by sheer determination.

I also love his flexibility. He played Pericles at the Public Theatre, Hamlet at the Guthrie, and Falstaff at the American Players Theatre, a company that he started. Seeing his transformation from a regular guy into Falstaff is incredible.

Why are you excited to be joining The Journeymen Company with Titan?

I’m a fan of the work Titan does. I had the pleasure of seeing their JULIUS CAESAR back in 2016, worked with Lenny on HENRY V at the Houston Shakespeare Festival, and have done a handful of readings for the Shakespeare in Queens series.

 There’s a love and respect for the classics that you don’t find in many other Theatre companies in New York, that’s also coupled with the fact that there are so many fucking talented people working here. I’m among great company.

What is your favorite Shakespeare/Classical play?

My answer used to always be OTHELLO, but it’s become ROMEO AND JULIET recently. I’ve gotten over the scars my highschool English teacher left me and I think I see it for what it is: the story of two people finding something beautiful in the other in a world full of violence.

Okay.  I think this is an important question for all Titan’s Journeymen, since what you contribute to the company is pretty super: who is your favorite SUPERHERO?

I’ve been a Spider-man fan since I was 7.

Last but not least, since Titan is a classical company, who did you get on the “whatshakespeare character are you” survey quiz?

Macbeth. Uh oh.


Where are you from?  

I am originally from Milwaukee, WI; though I went to school in Missouri (undergrad) and moved to NYC from Scotland after my master’s degree.

What was the first play you were ever in?  

The first play I was ever in was Honk! Yes, the children’s musical. However, I was taking classes in theatre from age 5, and I remember working on the witches scene from Macbeth at age…7? 8? It was AWESOME. And I think that convinced me Shakespeare was the best ever. 

How would people describe you in three adjectives? 

Silly, honest, and dependable. 

Where have you gone to school/trained?  

I got my BFA in Acting from Missouri State University and my MA in Classical and Contemporary Text from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Additional training: with First Stage Theatre Academy (ages 8-18), National High School Institute, Theatre Arts Division (Cherubs), Shakespeare’s Globe (London), Kristin Linklater Voice Centre.

What is your favorite role you’ve played or show you’ve worked on?  

Catherine, Proof

What actors do you most admire?  

Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson. Literal queens. I love everything they do, and they act with such ease and grace; plus just seem like lovely people. Their work is beautiful and I am always happy to watch a film with Meryl or Emma in it. 

What excites you about joining The Journeymen Company with Titan?  

I am excited to work with a new group of people, and to keep my skills alive and flourishing in the city. I think this will be a great fit and I am excited to start the work. Classical theatre is my JAM and I love that Titan brings together a group of artists with similar passion for the work. 

What is your favorite Shakespeare/Classical play?  

Favorite classical play….so hard! Can I do top three?? I’m doing top three. Twelfth Night, Antony and Cleopatra, and Romeo and Juliet. 

Okay.  I think this is an important question for all Titan’s Journeymen, since what you contribute to the company is pretty super: who is your favorite SUPERHERO?

I LOVE Korra and pretty much any character from the TV series Avatar, the Last Airbender. 

Last but not least, Since Titan is a classical company, who did you get on the “whatshakespeare character are you” survey quiz?

 I got Luciana! 


Jake Lesh Headshot


Welcome the Journeyman

Twelfth Night’s Talented Tothero Twins!

In the final scene of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night; or What You Will, Duke Orsino struggles to understand: “One face, one voice, one habit, and two persons.”  How can this be? 

Antonio, the outlaw, is equally perplexed and chimes in: “How have you made division of yourself? An apple cleft in two is not more twin than these two creatures.”  

SPOILER ALERT: This charming confusion is due to the reuniting of Twelfth Night’s Infamous Identical Twins*, Viola and Sebastian.

*Sebastain and Viola are truly fictiscious since twins who are male and female cannot actually be monozygotic identical twins – they can only be fraternal twins.

Viola and Sebastian are in good mythical and literary company when it comes to “two of a kind” siblings.  From the godly twins of Apollo and Artemis in Greek Mythology and Romulus and Remus in Roman Mythology, to the Gemini Twins of the Zodiac, to the Weasley Twins of Harry Potter fame, to the numerous sets of twins in dramatic literature (e.g. Goldoni’s The Venetian Twins, the musically conjoined sisters of Side Show, and returning to Shakespeare and his Comedy of Errors where he “doubles-down” on the twin motif with not one, but two pairs of identical siblings)… art, science and culture have been fascinated by and drawn to these doubles since the genesis of literature and oral tradition. 

Indeed, there does seem to be something magnetic and otherworldly about these “apples cleft in twain.”

But in all these on-stage explorations, how often were those theaters and playwrights lucky enough to work with the real deal???  To have twins playing… twins??

Well, Titan Theatre Company just so happens to have lucked out. 

In a rare and exciting production of Twelfth Night; or What You Will, Opening March 24th at the Queen’s Theatre, real life identical twins, Lauren and Sierra Tothero, will have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to take on Shakespeare’s infamous identical duo, Viola and Sebastian.  And you have the once-in-a-lifetime-chance to see it!

Sierra and Lauren Tothero

In a conjoined interview (sorry ladies. couldn’t resist.), I ask Sierra and Lauren, a bit about what it was like to grow up as “an apple cleft in two” – among other things

Read on to get to know

Titan’s Talented Tothero Twins.


  • Which of you was born first?

Lauren was born one minute earlier.

  • Do you have any other siblings?

Nope! We were a 2 for 1 deal.

  • Where did you grow up?

Right smack dab in the middle of Austin, Texas.

  • What is it like growing up as an identical twin?  Are there advantages?

Haha it’s interesting because, since we don’t have any other siblings, we don’t have anything to compare it to. But it is hard to imagine understanding someone more than we understand one another.  I mean it was definitely to a…shall we say…eccentric level.

We had our own language growing up and stuff.

We also had the same tics and neuroses that we wouldn’t know about until we talked about it years later (thanks therapy!).sandl

  • Are there disadvantages to being an identical twin?

One disadvantage about being a twin is that in our culture twins are either sexualized or infantilized, and we experienced both growing up.

As teenagers we were consistently talked down to – called “cute”, “adorable,” etc.–not exactly what we were wanting as we were trying to grow into empowered adults.  People would also ask our boyfriends “How did you choose??” which was like… what!?!  Pretty insulting.

Another major annoyance growing up was people always compared us.  Some people– we’re talking adults, like other kids’ parents–would even ask us questions like “Which one is the smart twin?” or “Which one is the athletic one?” Really!?!  When else do you ever find it appropriate to ask that question about siblings? But since we were identical twins people thought it was ok for some reason. 

Our parents would be very good with responding “Oh we don’t compare our kids,” but people would push. “I mean…who gets better grades?” People have this intense desire to compare us, and it was incredibly annoying.

  • How did you deal with this constant comparison?

LaurenThe best thing we ever did for ourselves was go to different colleges. It was the first time in our lives that we each had a group of friends that didn’t know our twin. I was always the shyer one growing up, so I relied on Sierra to create our social life, and eventually had insecurities about being able to have friends without her.  But luckily it wasn’t an issue at all! I finally realized “Oh. I’m a whole person even without Sierra. Sweet.”10352982_10152242820041235_4076658836687243143_n

  • Do people have a hard time telling you apart? If so, how frustrating is that and how do you overcome it?

When we were younger, absolutely. We legitimately won a Twin’s Contest in Ocean City, New Jersey four years in a row!

Now that we’re older, it’s less so. And our best friends and family generally have zero trouble.  But every now and then, to their utter shock, our mom or dad will call us the wrong name! It’s rare and only for a moment now, and people are always extremely apologetic when they call us the wrong name.  But it is truly not a big deal or offensive to us. It’s something that’s happened our entire life, so we don’t really think twice about it.

  • Okay.  Have to ask.  Have you ever pretended to be one another to confuse people?

We did once in elementary school on April Fool’s day because our class really wanted us to, but usually we were too shy to go through with it. It’s one of those weird things that pop culture is all about, but when you think it through it doesn’t make a lot of sense.bc7a9b09f8db5e67f6a5e445673cfd59

  • There’s been a lot written about a psychic connection between twins. Have you two ever experienced anything like that?

OOOOOH yeah.

We’ve had the same dreams on the same night.

We finish each other’s sentences all the time.

In conversations, we know exactly what the other is going to say before she says it. It’s just a matter of deciding who is going to be the one who talks.

And like we said, we also had our own language when we were little.

  • Where do you each live now?

Lauren is in Los Angeles, and Sierra is in Austin…for now.

  • What are some of your biggest differences as people?

Sierra: Hmmmm… Lauren’s really into beets, and honestly…I could take ‘em or leave ‘em. Taste kind of like dirt to me. But Lauren loves them.

Lauren: And Sierra, however, likes cashews. And I am not a fan.

Sierra: Haha seriously though…there aren’t many. I suppose like any close people or best friends, there aren’t many. From a nature vs nurture perspective, we have identical nature and pretty close to identical nurture, so it’s not surprising that we’re pretty darn similar. 

  • How did you get into theatre?

It’s just something we both always loved. We’d always be putting on plays and shows for our neighbors to come see. Acting in front of movies and whatnot. We were cast in this puppet show in 1st grade and loved it.  

Sierra: I remember assuming that everyone loves this. It took a few years to realize that the love of performing is not intrinsic for everyone.  We did musicals in middle school and then went to the fine arts academy in Austin for Performance Theatre. That’s when it became an obsession. I don’t think we came home from school at a usual time for 3 years (shout-out to Mom and Dad for those 10pm pick-ups!).


  •  What was the first show either of you did?

Not discounting our elementary school theatre experiences (which were awesome! Go arts in schools!), our first traditional theatre experience was Annie in 7th grade. We were chorus orphans. This was quickly eclipsed by our stand-out performances in the Lullaby League in the 8th grade production of The Wizard of Oz. Chorus Orphans to Chorus Munchkins…what a rush.

  •  Since Chorus Orphans to Chorus Munchkins… what have your individual theatre training backgrounds been?

Lauren: I received my BFA in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts

Sierra: I received my BFA in Acting at Rutgers University. But do you want to know what’s crazy? Lauren didn’t get accepted to Rutgers, and I didn’t get accepted to NYU. How weird is that!?

  • What is your favorite Shakespeare play?

Sierra: I’m kind of a romantic, so I have to say Romeo and Juliet. I love exploring and celebrating that naive, youthful, unapologetic love. The text in that balcony scene–all those shared lines–is so fun to say. Too bad how it ends though…yikes.

Lauren: I love As You Like It. Rosalind rocks. I’m also all about the portrayal of strong female friendship.


  • What draws you to Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night; Or What You Will?

Sierra: Feste has always been one of my favorite characters in the canon, so I’m excited to have a scene with him. It’s also exciting to explore that feeling of unrequited infatuation  between Viola with Orsino.. And of course the opportunity to work with Lauren for the first time in 9 years!

Lauren: It’s going to be so fun playing with the different levels of “gender-bending.” I’m a woman who is playing a man. Sierra is a woman who is playing a woman who is playing a man. It’s a cool twist on the original productions in Shakespeare’s time (when all the characters were played by men). I’m excited to see how our portrayals–me being a man and Sierra being a woman playing a man–are similar and different come opening night.

Sierra and Lauren with Titan Artistic Director and director of Twelfth Night, Lenny Banovez, at the Opening of Titan’s Othello

Twelfth Night; Or What You Will runs March 24th – April 9th at Queens Theatre in Flushing Meadows Park.  For more information, show times, and tickets visit


Twelfth Night’s Talented Tothero Twins!

Meet Titan’s 2016/17 Young Company

They hail from as far away as Japan, and as close to home as Titan’s very own Queens.

They got their start in the theatre by playing everything from a Jumping Bean to an Isocolese Triangle.  

Their current specialties range from Acting, to Stage Management, to Design.  

But they all have one thing in common…

they are all Members of TITAN’S 2016/17 YOUNG COMPANY!

Say “Hello” to the nine newest Titan’s!



TodericErika Toderic

Where are you from?  Born and raised in Staten Island, NY, lived between Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Huntington, West Virginia, and now back in Staten Island (for good)! 

What was the first play you were ever in? “Into the Woods” as Little Red Riding Hood. 

What is the most recent play you have been in?  A workshop production of an upcoming musical, “The Last Adam.”

If you got to pick any toppings, what would you order on your pizza?   ALL THE VEGETABLES (and sausage… and fresh mozzarella… and sometimes pineapple but only when I’m feeling extra squirrelly). 

Where have you gone to school/trained?  I graduated with a B.F.A. in Theatre Performance from Marshall University in 2015.

What is your favorite Shakespeare/Classical play?  It’s a tough toss-up between “Richard III” and “Macbeth” (which is funny because I’m actually super bubbly and pretty far from dark and angsty in real life)

 What tv show are you most likely to binge-watch? Mad Men, Gilmore Girls, Breaking Bad (or it seems any show with an alliteration). 

Why are you excited to be joining Titan Theatre Company as a member of the Young Company?  Titan is doing really exciting work. It’s evocative and raw and weird or classic & traditional. New York (and the world) needs a theatre like Titan to ruffle its feathers. I could not be more honored or ecstatic to be joining this company and become part of the team by working with all the skill and talent it houses. LET THE GAMES BEGIN. 

Who did you get on “what shakespeare character are you” survey ?  Gertrude from “Hamlet” (#regal). 

TONAE MitsuhashiTONAE-148

 Where are you from? I’m from Sasebo, Japan. I came to United States in 2009, my American hometown is Jonesboro, Arkansas! 

 What was the first play you were ever in?  The Visit by Friedrich Dürrenmatt. I played Loby – alcoholic, blind, younger one of clown brothers. Of course I had great fun! 

 What is the most recent play you have worked on?  The last thing I designed was A Flea In Her Ear, originally written by Georges Faydeau and adapted by David Ives. It was French farce involves two completely different locations and a revolving bed. It was extremely challenging to design the sets for the Hilberry Theater, where there is no wing space and fly space, but it turned out to be one of my favorite sets I designed. It was nominated for 2016 Wilde Awards for Best Set Design.

If you got to pick any toppings, what would you order on your pizza?  Green peppers, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, olives, pepperoni… everything!

 Where have you gone to school/trained?  I went to Arkansas State University for BFA in Theatre Technology and Design, and I went to Wayne State University for MFA in Scenic Design. Had great fun to be a part of Hilberry Theatre Company for the three years of grad school!

 What is your favorite Shakespeare/Classical play?  Tempest. I love the fantastical quality of the play. That is my dream play to design sets one day! 

What tv show are you most likely to binge-watch?  I don’t watch TV so much… I binge-watch Facebook newsfeed… (Trying to change it for something better!) 

Why are you excited to be joining Titan Theatre Company as a member of the Young Company? I am so excited to be working with such talented and enthusiastic artists through productions of this company. I am so thrilled and appreciative for couple design assignments in this season. Big thanks for Titan Theatre Company for this amazing opportunities!!!

Who did you get on the “what Shakespeare character are you” survey?  I got Horatio! 

SamSamantha Burkard

Where are you from?  I grew up in Hales Corners, Wisconsin! Then, after my brother graduated high school, my family and I moved to Wauwatosa.

What was the first play you were ever in?  I was in School House Rock, Live! Jr. when I was six years old.  I had one line. “Hey, you’re kinda cute!” 🙂

What is the most recent play you have been in?  The last play I performed in was A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater performed the Titan cut of Midsummer, and the school brought in the guy who made the cut to direct it! His name was… Lenny Banovez I think? He was pretty cool and so was the show!

If you got to pick any toppings, what would you order on your pizza?   I like my pizza plain, but I like to eat a lot of it. 

Where have you gone to school/trained? I have a Bachelor of the Arts in Public Relations from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, where I also minored in theatre.

What is your favorite Shakespeare/Classical play?  As You Like It will always hold a special place in my heart. That was the first Shakespeare play I read without any prompting from a director or teacher. And isn’t everything more enjoyable when you’re just doing it because you feel like it? 

What tv show are you most likely to binge-watch?  The Office. If you know me at all, you’ll know my obsession. 

Why are you excited to be joining Titan Theatre Company as a member of the Young Company? I am moving to New York to be a part of this company. I was very excited by everything Lenny was teaching us while visiting Wisconsin, and I felt very inspired by his story and the story of Titan. I can’t wait to learn everything I possibly can from him and all of my fellow Titans. I am making a huge leap in my life, and I don’t think I could have picked a better company to make that leap with. 

Who did you get on “what shakespeare character are you” survey ? I got Lady Macbeth!  “Screw your courage to the sticking place” 😉

Rachel Winfield

Version 2

Where are you from?  My hometown is Davis, California, about 2 hours north of San Fransisco, although I’ve spent most of my career working in the bay area.

What was the first play you were ever in?  I began my career as an Isosceles triangle in the fourth grade. My mother tells me that I was charismatic, hilarious and totally stole the show.

What is the most recent play you’ve worked on?  I just finished working for the Texas Shakespeare Festival as a Stage Manager for both the Merchant of Venice and Carousel and as the Production Stage Manager for Henry V and Blithe Spirit.

If you got to pick any toppings, what would you order on your pizza?   Black olives and vegan cheese. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!

Where have you gone to school/trained?  I got my BA at Santa Clara University in California, and then my MFA at the University of Iowa, both in Theater Arts with an emphasis on Stage Management. I hope at some point to continue learning more about theater history, perhaps even go get my PhD!

What is your favorite Shakespeare/Classical play?  My favorite Shakespeare play is definitely Twelfth Night, since Viola and Olivia are both such cool characters. I also have begun to love Merchant of Venice, but I think I’d fall for any Shakespeare play if I got to spend a lot of time with it!

What TV show are you most likely to binge-watch?  Oh I’m definitely binge-watching Friends or 30 Rock.

Why are you excited to be joining Titan Theatre Company as a member of the Young Company? I’m thrilled to join the Titan Theater Company to work on Shakespeare in a new and fresh way and help produce theater that strives to be different. Titan will be a great place to get to know Brooklyn and my peers in the area as well!

Who did you get on “what shakespeare character are you” survey ?   Marina from Pericles!

Braden SpearBraden 2016 Headshot (2)

Where are you from? I am originally from North Smithfield, Rhode Island. A small town in the smallest state.

What was the first play you were ever in? Like so many awkward high schoolers before me, I was in the Wizard of Oz and played the Tin Man.

What is the most recent play you have been in? I last seen in Titan’s production of Julius Caesar as Octavius Caesar.

If you got to pick any toppings, what would you order on your pizza? Easy. Buffalo chicken and onions.

Where have you gone to school/trained? I have a B.A. in Theatre from Taylor University, and have also studied at the Stella Adler Studio here in NYC.

What is your favorite Shakespeare/Classical play? My favorite Shakespeare play is Hamlet. 

What tv show are you most likely to binge-watch? Peaky Blinders! Although I am also easily addicted to shows where people hunt for treasure that may or may not exist. 

Why are you excited to be joining Titan Theatre Company as a member of the Young Company?  I am so excited to have the opportunity to work again with the high quality artists and people that Titan attracts. It has been a joy to work with them on challenging and inventive interpretations of classic works in the past, so I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the company.

Who did you get on “what shakespeare character are you” survey ?  Macbeth

Grae Greer HeadshotGrae Greer

Where are you from/where is your home town? Owensboro, KY

What was the first play you were ever in?  Jack & The Beanstalk with Missoula Children’s Theatre. I played a Mexican Jumping Bean. My only lines were, “Tacos, enchiladas, and refried beans. Ole!”

What is the most recent play you have been in?  I just finished playing Juliet in Romeo & Juliet at Marshall University. 

If you got to pick any toppings, what would you order on your pizza?  Mushroom, tomatoes, and lots & lots of olives. 

Where have you gone to school/trained?  Marshall University

What is your favorite Shakespeare/Classical play?  It’s hard to narrow this down, but I have a current obsession with Titus Andronicus. I’m dying to be in a gender reversal production of it. 

What tv show are you most likely to binge-watch?  Oh no, I can’t pick one. Broad City or True Detective! 

Why are you excited to be joining Titan Theatre Company as a member of the Young Company?    I’m excited for the environment and the community! Lenny guest directed a production of Three Sisters that I was in a while I was at Marshall University. His energy and passion for the work was contagious and i’ve gotten the Titan bug ever since. I can’t wait to work with other passionate, hard working, and dedicated people who want to create something unique on the stage! 

Who did you get on “what shakespeare character are you” survey ?  “Thought and affliction, passion, hell itself, she turns to favor and to prettiness.” I got Ophelia! 

Gregory Couba


Where are you from/where is your home town?  I’m a Queens native. Born in Elmhurst, and raised in Queens Village.

What was the first play you were ever in?  I was a late bloomer. I was cast in my first show at 19 — a children’s theater piece called The Commedia Pinocchio. The same year I had my legit stage debut as the Deaf-Mute in Giraudoux’s The Madwoman of Chaillot.

What is the most recent play you have been in?  An original play called Dividing Lines.

If you got to pick any toppings, what would you order on your pizza?  Pepperoni,  Sausage, and Green Peppers

Where have you gone to school/trained?  I went to St. Francis Prep High School in Fresh Meadows. I have a BFA in Theatre Performance and Production from Hofstra University, and currently study at the Larry Singer Studios, where I also teach in the summers.

What is your favorite Shakespeare/Classical play?  The Merry Wives of Windsor

What tv show are you most likely to binge-watch?  I finally caught up with Game of Thrones, and it took me three nights to finish the latest season of Orange Is The New Black.

Why are you excited to be joining Titan Theatre Company as a member of the Young Company?   I think the company structure is the best way to do theater and create an artistic community, and judging from the Company members I’ve met and the quality of work that I’ve seen, I’m thrilled at this opportunity to work with Titan!

Who did you get on “what shakespeare character are you” survey ?  Dromio (The Comedy of Errors)

Alexandra BoneshoAlexandra Bonesho- Theatre Headshot (1) (1)

Where are you from? Brookfield, WI.

What was the first play you were ever in?DEAD END at Marquette University High School…I played the “Little Girl”…I was 8 and it was a thrill!

What is the most recent play you have been in?  12th NIGHTed in NYC as part of the Fresh Fruit Festival at All Out Arts Center…it was my NYC debut and I portrayed Viola/Cesario. Prior to moving to NYC this past January, I played all the women, Shelly/Beth/Jean, in BACK OF THE THROAT and Wendla in SPRING AWAKENING.

If you got to pick any toppings, what would you order on your pizza? As many vegetables as possible and extra cheese.

Where have you gone to school/trained?  Marquette University–majored in Theatre Arts, minored in Broadcast and Electronic Communication.

What is your favorite Shakespeare/Classical play?  HAMLET and MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING.

What tv show are you most likely to binge-watch?  Sex and the City

Why are you excited to be joining Titan Theatre Company as a member of the Young Company? I am very excited to work with this company and continue learning and refining my skills as an artist. I have long admired the work of Titan and am eager to get started and help in as many ways as possible. It’s a great place to be a sponge and soak up as much as I can from top notch artists.

Who did you get on “what shakespeare character are you” survey ?  Beatrice

harry-mcenerny-v-hs1Harry McEnerny V

Where are you from?  I was born in Virginia, but moved to the great state of Vermont when I was 12.  Since then its been all skiing and maple syrup for me. 

What was the first play you were ever in?  My dad is a theatre professor, and he made me play Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol from just about the second I could talk.  I said my ONE line “and god bless us, everyone” from the age of three until I was no longer… tiny.

What is the most recent play you have been in? I just finished a run at the Houston Shakespeare Festival where I played The Duke of Exeter in Henry V, in rep with Dogberry in Much Ado About Nothing.   

If you got to pick any toppings, what would you order on your pizza?   Everything.  Seriously throw it all on there.  I’m not picky.

Where have you gone to school/trained?  I have a bachelors from the University of Vermont, and an MFA from the Professional Actor Training Program at the University of Houston.  I also went through the training program at Improv Asylum in Boston.

What is your favorite Shakespeare/Classical play?  This question is like making me chose my favorite child… I cant just pick- its Othello.  

What tv show are you most likely to binge-watch?  Futurama.  Its cooky and hilarious.  There’s a half human half lobster quack doctor.  Who comes up with this stuff.  

Why are you excited to be joining Titan Theatre Company in the capacity in a Young Company Member? I’m so psyched to get to be a part of an ensemble that takes bold chances with a company that does the same.  I’m ready to push some boundaries and tell some really fascinating stories.  Lets do this!

Who did you get on “what shakespeare character are you” survey ?  I got Macbeth. I’m not sure what that means. It says I’m a “strong, powerful, charismatic personality” but that I should beware of my ambition.  I’ll take that to heart!  


Watch Titan Theatre Company Website and Social Media Pages to see what these awesome artists are up to this season!


Meet Titan’s 2016/17 Young Company

“Experience is the teacher of all things” – Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar said “experience is the teacher of all things.”

If Caesar was right, then Jack Young has certainly earned his title as Master Teacher.

Jack Young

His experience abounds:

Young is the Head of the Professional Actor Training Program at The University of Houston where he is a Professor of Acting and Movement (and the recipient of the University of Houston Alumni Association Distinguished Teaching Award).  He is currently the Artistic Director of the Houston Shakespeare Festival.  Prior to HSF, he served as Executive and Artistic Director for other successful theaters across the country, has worked with 10 different Shakespeare Festivals, is a Certified Teacher and Fight Director for the Society of American Fight Directors, has choreographed violence for over 100 productions, has Directed over 120 productions, and is a celebrated actor in his own right.

He is also happens to be the director of Titan Theatre Company’s final production of the 2015/16 season, Julius Caesar.

With such a prolific professional resume, I was curious to talk to Jack Young about his personal thoughts on the theatre.  He graciously obliged.

Check out his interview below!



Theatre is where I can blend my love of history, art, music, people, language, logistics and transformation.

  • Let’s start at the beginning: what lead you to a life in the theatre?

Southern upbringing blended with Irish gift of the gab–family gatherings were telling family stories–add in, as a kid, listening to comedy recordings, creating “haunted houses” in neighborhood garages to scare the younger kids, being lousy at sports in a neighborhood full of All-Stars (made me work harder in movement classes), playing piano competitions and flute in the school band, and working in a high school drama group that raised $ for our shows by serving as the tech/production team for a ballet company–theatre is where I can blend my love of history, art, music, people, language, logistics and transformation

  • So – what was your first experience with Shakespeare?

The first I can remember is my mom dragging my siblings and I in to watch the Bill Ball TAMING OF THE SHREW that was broadcast on PBS–none of us had any interest in coming indoors to watch some dumb play, but then the language and the physicality grabbed us all–

I didn’t get to perform any until way late into graduate training–I spent much of my early time doing new plays (apprentice at Actors Theatre of Louisville) but working with living playwrights gave me insights into the crafting of dialogue, character and structure. I figure BillyBard must have brought the same attention and drive to his work.

Young in his critically acclaimed performance as Shylock in The Merchant of Venice at The Houston Shakespeare Festival
  • Since then you have worked at over 10 Shakespeare Festivals, and directed and acted in so many of his plays – what is it that still draws you to Shakespeare’s work?

Good plays attract good artists–the actors, directors, designers, voice/text, movement coaches who are ready to take on the challenge of a Shakespeare are fun to work with. The fun of working in a variety of places and companies is discovering how the plays bloom in different soil.

  • As a director, artistic director, actor, fight director and teacher you wear many hats.  Is it difficult to switch from one to another? Or do they inform each other?  

They feed each other–all in the process of Sharing the Truth.  As an artistic director, choosing the play is choosing which set of Big Truths the company is going to attempt to share.  As an actor or a fight director or director, it’s contributing a different part of shaping the Truth.  As a teacher, I help hone my students’ skills and challenge their courage to share Truths worth witnessing.  The vantage point of each helps give me a more nuanced sense of what may be going on in any given moment in the process.

Young is a Certified Fight Director and Teacher with the Society of American Fight Directors and is the Coordinator of the Texas Intensive, an SAFD sanctioned 2.5 day regional workshop
  • In regards to that — the process of Sharing the Truth — Why Julius Caesar? Why now?

An election year is always a good time to remind ourselves of the Power of Rhetoric to stir emotions and steer groups of people in ways that we might not if we took a moment to think on our own. Plenty of excitement about HOUSE OF CARDS- We live in Elizabethan times.

Rehearsal for Julius Caesar – Titan Theatre Company
  • What is your preparation process like as a director approaching a play?  What sources do you draw from?  Has anything particularly informed your approach to Titan’s production of Julius Caesar?

Hearing the text is just as important as reading it.  As much as can be found in making sure I know what the characters mean when they speak, there is just as much in sensing the Onomatopoeic  event that will fill the audience’s ears when they hear it.

Going along with that is music–finding the pitch/volume/rhythm that is going to support and shape the play.  As a physical performer, I watch a lot of dance, martial arts, and sports to find iconic shapes and gestures that can populate the work.

In this production of Julius Caesar, given that the actors play major characters and Citizens of Rome, a lot of work has gone in to create a heightened physicality and vocal work to make them into a Crowd, a Mob, and an Army.

Then there’s loud and ever present Media Feed of the current electoral process.  Every rehearsal there’s a line in JULIUS CAESAR that could have been a headline in the paper.

  • You have worked with Titan Theatre Company before (Hamlet 2010).  From your experience, how has the company changed in the past six years?

The rehearsal space has given the company a good Kitchen to create in.  The company’s rising profile has attracted Guest Artists with deep background and serious skills.  What hasn’t changed is the drive, the energy and the smarts of the company–those are core parts of TITAN.

Scene from Titan Theatre Co.’s Production of Hamlet, directed by Jack Young
  • Lenny Banovez, Laura Frye, and Michael Thatcher, who are all in the company of Julius Caesar, are all former students of yours.  What is it like working professionally with actors you have helped to train and develop?

First off, there is an efficiency in working with people who share a common language.  Adjustments and improvements can be implemented so much quicker.  The shared history also means I can draw on the strengths I know they have.  What’s great now is that they’ve all matured in beautiful ways; they’ve worked with a great range of people since their training days, and are bringing even more experience and nuance to their work.

  • If you had one piece of advice for new actors approaching Shakespeare – what would it be?

See it.  Hear it.  Very few people sit down with a Mozart score and read it–you LISTEN to it.  As much as this may upset the English teachers, BillyBard didn’t write these plays to be read–he wrote them to be HEARD (Hamlet asks if the royals will HEAR his play–not see it).  There is so much video out now–RSC, The National Theatre, film versions, youTube–see as many different versions as you can–none of them are perfect (well, with the possible exception of Adrian Lester’s OTHELLO–it’s mighty damn fine) but there’s much to be gained in seeing the different ways different productions Share the Truth.

Titan Academy’s Adult Acting Intensive taught by Master Teacher Jack Young, Dec. 2015

See it.  Hear it. … there’s much to be gained in seeing the different ways different productions Share the Truth.

“Experience is the teacher of all things” – Julius Caesar

Back on the Boards – a miraculous return for Lenny Banovez

The Importance of Being Earnest opened this past weekend, signifying Titan Theatre Company’s return to The Queen’s Theatre stage for their 2015/16 season.  However, the opening of Earnest also signified another return to stage, one of a personal and emotional nature for Titan’s Artistic Director, Lenny Banovez.
As Co-founder and Artistic Director of Titan Theatre Company, Banovez has faced many challenges in order to stand on his own two feet– professionally, artistically and also quite literally.
In the interview below, he opens up about his battles, his return to the boards, and shows us a glimpse of his remarkable and indomitable spirit. 

So Lenny, how did you first get into theatre? 

[He sighs] A girl.  I had always been in choir, but the theatre bug hit because a girl was dating

Acting - the early years
Backstage – the early years

during my Freshman year in High School suggested I try out for a play. So I did. Our high school actually had one of the better theatre programs in the country. So, I went from being a jock to a drama geek almost overnight.

Then I got my BA in Theatre in Wisconsin and my MFA from Ohio University’s Professional Actor Training Program under Jack Young.

And how did Titan Theatre Company start?
Titan started as a way for friends and myself to have something to do when we were off contract and auditioning in NYC. We started doing Shakespeare in the now infamous “Tex Mex restaurant” and began to realize people were really into what we were doing. So Kevin Beebee, Laura Frye, and myself decided to really go for it. We then hired the amazing Alyssa Van Gorder and she has been instrumental in moving the company ahead.  But to be honest, I never thought it would turn into what it has!

 What are some favorite roles you’ve played as an actor? 

This is always a tough question. 
For Titan, Hamlet was a big one for me obviously.
Banovez as Hamlet for Titan Theatre 2010
Banovez as Hamlet for Titan Theatre 2010
Valere in Tartuffe at the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre is one of my favorites, because of the brilliant cast we had. Some of the most important people in my life were in that show.
Valere - Tartuffe at The Milwaukee Repertory Theatre Pictured here with Elizabeth Ledo and Emily Trask
As Valere in Tartuffe at The Milwaukee Repertory Theatre 
Henry 5, Feste, and the Fool in Lear are other favorite roles. And Algernon 1.0 at PCPA is easily my favorite production of all time. 

What are some favorite experiences you’ve had directing and as an Artistic Director?
My directing career is still so surprising for me. So to talk about it is still odd.
One of my prouder moments with Titan was our “pull your part out of the hat” Midsummer.
The first iteration, especially, was a very special show for me and one of the best times in my life.
photo-originalAnd Titan’s H5 was our first REAL production, so it has a special place in my heart. 
Outside of Titan, returning to Texas Shakespeare last year to direct Man of La Mancha was a real honor. I had been there as an actor and to return as a director felt like a huge accomplishment.
As an Artistic Director I would have to say the “Shakespeare in Queens” Project with the Queens Library is something I’m very proud of. To join forces with the Public Libraries of Queens in such an ambitious and exciting outreach program –doing readings of ALL of Shakespeare’s plays throughout the borough to audiences who may not otherwise experience Shakespeare– is already shaping up to be something very special.

 You say your “directing career is still so surprising” for you?  Why is that?  What precipitated your transition from being an actor to a director?

The cause of my sudden transition from actor to director was my completely unexpected diagnosis with Myasthenia Gravis, also known as MG. MG is an auto immune/neuro muscular disease that is very similar to Multiple Sclerosis. The body produces antibodies that attack the neuromuscular junction. By attacking the junction between the nerves and muscles, your muscles aren’t able to work properly and the byproduct of that is extreme muscle weakness in voluntary muscles such as the mouth, the lungs, throat, arms, legs, hands and eyes. 


 When did you notice something was wrong?  And is Myasthenia Gravis difficult to diagnosis?

The process of trying to figure out what “I had” was the most horrifying experience of my life.
The very first symptom I had was slurred speech. Which for an actor is obviously terrifying. I knew something was wrong so I went to a few doctors and was told, first, that it was just an inner ear infection and then that my symptoms were caused by stress. Soon, I began having issues swallowing food. Then double vision. I didn’t know it at the time, but the muscles in my eyes were too weak to be able to keep both eyes focused at the same level, which caused my double vision.  Then, I lost my voice completely because my muscles were so weak that my vocal chords couldn’t move to produce enough sound. Eventually the muscles in my throat were so weak I couldn’t swallow food at all. Finally, I went to a doctor who believed I was dealing with more than just “stress” and recommended I see a neurologist. 
The nuerologist ran a battery of tests. The first tests were for a possible brain tumor. Then ALS/Lou Gehrigs disease. Two illnesses that would have meant my life would most likely be over before 33. Looking back I still can’t wrap my head around that. Thankfully those test came back negative. Then came a test for MS, which came back negative as well. The MG diagnosis came after a blood test confirmed the presence of MG antibodies. 

What was it like when you realized that you would have to forego acting because of your health condition?  How did you process and cope?

I was crushed at first.
I had two shows lined up and interest from some of the largest companies in the country that I had always dreamed of working with.  Everything I had worked so hard for seemed to disappear overnight. I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t sing.  There was no chance I could perform – and the prognosis was that I might never perform again. I believed my acting career was over. 
Luckily for me, I have an amazing wife who wouldn’t let me sit in that state of mind for long. Within a week I started to refocusing on directing. I couldn’t perform myself.  But as a director, I might still be able to have a voice through others.
I still remember my first day of rehearsal for Titan’s Henry V. I couldn’t speak yet, so I wrote all my notes down and whispered in actor’s ears. It actually went amazingly well. I was thrilled to be working still. I knew I’d be able to have a career in theatre still. It just seemed that God had a different place for me in that world. 

 What Doctors did you work with and what treatments did you undergo in order to “get your body back?”

199462_10152137457230328_960540927_nI am not a normal patient. Which can be a good and bad thing I guess. My disease is rare. Extremely rare. So I did a lot of research on it. I wanted to make sure that I knew as much about it so I could dictate my care in the right way. 
For me, I focused heavily on the fact that it was an auto immune disease. My body was attacking itself. So I focused on how to “call off the attack” and on a long term recovery.
After a long road of hiring and firing doctors, I found what I refer to as my odd couple. I found a holistic applied kinesiologist (aka hippie Doctor) and the best neurologist in NYC. They worked together as a team, which was unique if you know anything about the difference between eastern and western medicine. My nuerologist’s job was to focus on my immediate care. Meds to make my body stop attacking itself. The western philosophy: cure the symptoms. My hippie doc focused on long term treatment of my body to cure an incurable disease. Things like detox and meditation. 
I also took my diet into my own hands. I have a firm belief that food can be a huge part of wellness and curing disease. It definitely was for me. I went entirely organic and start juicing. I know many think of it as a Hollywood fad or a way to loose weight. But for me it was the key tool in restoring my health. I still swear by it and still do it today.                                                    1176390_10153348740235107_1290491093_n 1175030_10153440790855107_338354294_n


 What motivated you to stick to these treatments and believe you could get better?

A candid from Lenny and Laura's wedding.
A candid from Lenny and Laura’s wedding.
My wife. At 31 years old and not even married for a year yet at that time and I was in a hospital connected to machines and tubes. Barely able to talk or eat. Not once did she look at me like “I didn’t sign up for this.” All she ever said to me was, “You got this. It won’t always be like this.” She pulled me through everything. Like a champ. I will never forget that, and she will always be my best friend because of it. 

 How do you deal with relapses and the “new normal” in this highly stressful and unforgiving profession?

[Lenny laughs] Running a company is so damn stressful that it is insane for me to process at times, so I don’t know what the “new normal” is.   “How can putting on a play be so stressful?” I don’t know…but it is. Balancing stress is the hardest part of my health now. Stress can cause a relapse in symptoms.  And my body will tell me very clearly when it is unhappy. Usually it shows as extreme exhaustion. Every now and then my words will begin to slur or my eyes will begin to get “lazy,” and I take those as  “warning signs” telling me I need to make some serious adjustments.  However, I’ve been in full remission (meaning no medication and no debilitating symptoms) for coming up on three years. So it’s been going very well. 

So how long has it been since you were on-stage?

5 years. 

What made you decide to return to the stage for The Importance of Being Ernest?

As I mentioned, I had played the role before at Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts a number of seasons ago. So I knew the stress of learning a new role wasn’t going to be an issue.  Plus, I just flat out love the part. I’m a good fit for it. And I wanted another crack at it.  So it made sense. 
As Algernon, The Importance of Being Earnest, Titan Theatre Co.

 How is the show going for you so far?

I am having the time of my life. It’s a bit surreal at times to be doing it again, but I love it. I was definitely rusty at first, but after a little while, things started coming back pretty quick. It reminded me how much I love it. How much I missed it. I cannot tell you how lucky I feel to be acting again. Many people who have MG struggle with everyday life. For me to be able to this again… it is truly a blessing. 
Banovez in rehearsal for Earnest
Banovez in rehearsal for Earnest

How do you think your health battles have changed you as a theatre artist and a person?
It has changed everything about me. It has humbled me. It has given me appreciation for life. It’s made me care about others more. It also made me work harder. I have to admit that it made me extremely ambitious. Having your mortality tested at a very young age made me really work hard now and not wait for later. Because later is never guaranteed. I say no to very few projects and I work very very hard all the time. I want to do everything and anything I can while I have the honor of walking this planet. So I do that. 
I always say, if I could go back and have a choice to get sick or not get sick….I would choose to get sick. I know that sounds nuts. But I would. MG has made me a better person. I love more. Share more. Give more. Care more. Create more. All because I almost had it all taken away from me. The person I am because of MG is way better than the person I would be without it. That is what I truly hold dear in all of this, what I’m actually proud of — that I was able to turn something devastating into a positively life altering opportunity.

some production photos from some of Lenny’s past shows

0116dogpark01                                 1936447_243718225106_2478632_n 12009758_10107483643081091_6855737699266306013_n                      asherlevandreasons_fullsize_story1
5CDA7805 208570_10150217976416103_4008545_n                                11060310_10104501251512767_5185598565817965849_n392354_327507430598495_658168052_n
Back on the Boards – a miraculous return for Lenny Banovez

Get to know the newest Titans!

In the midst of New York’s Midsummer heat wave, Titan Theatre Company is already thinking about the Fall (and not just for the obvious, temperature related reasons).  

Titan’s greatly anticipated 2015/16 season threatens to be our most exciting year yet — featuring new directors, a ground breaking reading series, and captivating and compelling playwrights .

But perhaps the most exciting thing about Titan’s 2015/16 season is remarkable new artists joining the Titan team to make all these projects come to life!

Each season, Titan brings in 5 to 8 of NYC’s brightest young talents to join the company through Titan’s Young Company.  The Young Company helps these up-and-coming artists gain valuable experience, develop relationships and networking experience, and find an artistic home in the world’s most competitive market while spending a season with one of New York’s hottest young companies.

We asked the new Titans a few questions to get to know who we’ll be sharing “the boards” with this year!



Where are you from/where is your home town? I was born in Louisville, KY but it was too big of a city for my parents (if you’ve ever been to Louisville, you will know why this is funny) so they moved across the Ohio river to an old farm house in Southern Indiana. 

What was the first play you were ever in?
I went to a Presbyterian preschool and got to play Mary in the Nativity scene for our Christmas Pageant. My boyfriend at the time, Evan, was my Jesus. We had an African American baby doll for Jesus. My preschool rocked.

What is the most recent play you have been in?  I had the honor of being an understudy for the roles of Cassio, Gratiano and The Messenger in Titan’s all female cast of Othello.

If you got to pick any toppings, what would you order on your pizza?  Ha, I love this question. I’m vegan, so for me, it would be every vegetable imaginable, some super chunky tomato sauce and lots and lots of vegan cheese. Ugh, great. Now I’m drooling.

Where have you gone to school/trained?  I attended a public high school with an incredible arts programs. That’s what sparked the performing fire in me. After that I attended Webster Conservatory for my B.F.A. in musical theatre and moved to NYC shortly after that. In the city, I’ve trained with various voice teachers, dance at Steps on Broadway, and improv training at UCB. I also take classes with Lenny. He knows how to get that super actor out of you. It’s amazing.

What is your favorite Shakespeare/Classical play?  Oof, so many. The Tempest has a very special place in my heart due to an amazing production that I saw at Actor’s Theatre Louisville. But I also love Hamlet. It’s so damn depressing.

What tv show are you most likely to binge-watch?  Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, Gilmore Girls. The list goes on and on. There’s also this series on Netflix about an animal shelter in upstate New York. It’s dangerous for me to watch, because it makes me want to adopt a thousand dogs, but I love it.

Why are you excited to be joining Titan Theatre Company in the capacity in a Young Company Member?  Titan reignited my love for performing. The work they do is so invigorating (as a performer and audience member.) It is innovative as heck, and gosh darn exciting. I love that they push boundaries and always strive to find a new creative nugget with shows that have been done and exhausted time and time again. They always find a way to bring something new to the table. It is such a joy to be joining this company. 

Last but not least: Please take this “what shakespeare character are you” surveyI got Lady Macbeth (????????) Not too sure about that one.



Where are you from? I am from Dearborn Heights, Michigan.  A small suburb of Detroit.

What was the first play you were ever in?  The WIZ! Emerald City Patron and Spot Light Operator.

What is the most recent play you have been in? “An Enemy of the People” the Arthur Miller Version in the role of Peter Stockmann. Coming up in September I will be in the play “Foursome” by Norm Foster.

If you got to pick any toppings, what would you order on your pizza? All the meats (except ham) and banana peppers.

Where have you gone to school/trained?  BS in Theatre from Eastern Michigan University and MFA from Wayne State University!

What is your favorite Shakespeare/Classical play?  Titus Andronicus is my favorite Shakespeare.  So many other classics to choose from that I cant narrow it down.

What tv show are you most likely to binge-watch? Binge-Watch is what I do.  Currently watching “Sons of Anarchy”

Why are you excited to be joining Titan Theatre Company as a member of the Young Company? Titan is a theatre that lives on making good theatre.  It sounds funny, but so many theatres appeal to the masses to get by.  Titan makes bold choices and runs with it.  I love that about Titan.  You guys are very creative and take classics to a whole new level.

Last but not least: Please take this “what shakespeare character are you” survey:         I  got MACBETH!  Not sure if thats good or bad lol!

Annie Keris Headshot


Where are you from? I grew up in Anderson, Indiana.  I then went to the Boston area for undergrad (and called the area home for a couple of years after that).  Then I moved to Detroit for grad school.

What was the first play you were ever in? I think I may have carried a cheese sandwich across the stage in an elementary school play I vaguely recall being about Mozart (though as to how said sandwich and classical composer were dramatically related, I am unsure).  Regardless, it was probably my best work to date.

My first play was actually La fuga de Acapulco – a 25 minute Spanish language farce at the Universidad de Córdoba.

What is the most recent play you have been in? I’m currently in 3 shows in rep at at the Michigan Shakespeare Festival: The Rivals, Henry IV (parts 1&2 abridged and combined), and Midsummer. 

If you got to pick any toppings, what would you order on your pizza?  Um..feta, herbs, and spices  – along with any number of other delicious things (such as olive oil in lieu of tomato sauce, perhaps?)…  Then again, the classics aren’t to be cast aside so lightly…  Can there be multiple pizzas?   Aaaand now I want pizza.

Where have you gone to school/trained? BA in Spanish from Wellesley College, spending 1 year at the Universidad de Córdoba in Spain.  Grad: MFA in Acting from the Hilberry Theatre at Wayne State University, with a month spent at the Moscow Art Theatre School.

What is your favorite Shakespeare/Classical play?  I’m terrible at picking a favorite – I seriously still have way too much to learn/explore before I could responsibly choose just one (…spoken like a true commitment-phobe…).

What tv show are you most likely to binge-watch: I have what some may call an unhealthy relationship with 30 Rock, but I regret nothing and refuse to let you shame me for it.

Why are you excited to be joining Titan Theatre Company in the capacity in a Young Company Member? I would be an idiot not to leap at the chance to somehow be a part of an ensemble-driven group of insanely skilled and committed people who consistently do bold, uncompromisingly good work.  It’s kind of a no-brainer.  What’s more, it’s an absolute luxury to be moving to New York with an artistic home of sorts ready and waiting at all, much less one that is doing such exciting stuff on a regular basis.  I really couldn’t be more thrilled to be joining the ranks.  Plus, ya’ll really know how to pick a name to be worn with pride.  TITAN?  I mean, come on.

Last but not least: Please take this “what shakespeare character are you” survey:  Beatrice, apparently.  I shall take it and wear it with the feistiest of pride.

IAN O’BOYLE- Acting 

Where are you from?  Floral Park, NY Ian1crop

What was the first play you were ever in? The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

What is the most recent play you have been in?  The Drowsy Chaperone 

If you got to pick any toppings, what would you order on your pizza?  Pepperoni

Where have you gone to school/trained? Floral Park Memorial High School/Titan Academy

What is your favorite Shakespeare/Classical play? Julius Caesar

What tv show are you most likely to binge-watch? Breaking Bad

Why are you excited to be joining Titan Theatre Company as a member of the Young Company?  I am extremely excited! I absolutely love Titan and what it offers to aspiring actors and I am honored to be apart of it!

krisKRIS MURPHY –   Acting andStage Management

Where are you from?  My hometown is Brooklyn, but I now hail from the great borough of Queens.

What was the first play you were ever in?  The first play I’ve ever been in was when I was 10 yrs old, I landed the title role in Annie Jr.

What is the most recent play you’ve been in?  The most recent play I performed in was for a SING! competition in my school, which was student written/directed, “Rules to Becoming a Legend”.

If you got to pick any toppings, what would you order on your pizza? My go to pizza topping is- of course- bacon!

Where have you gone to school/trained?  I’m going to begin my freshman year of college at CUNY Hunter with a theatre major, I’ve also trained with the Secret Theatre academy and Titan’s school for acting and musical theatre as well as various summer camps and school activities.

What is your favorite Shakespeare/Classical play?  I can’t quite say which Shakespeare play is my favorite, but I’m in the middle of reading Twelfth Night which so far has been a blast!

What tv show are you most likely to binge-watch?  I binge watch a LOT of shows but I’m still on Friends and the Powerpuff girls (got to love the classics!) but I’m not forgetting Orange is the New Black!

Why are you excited to be joining Titan Theatre Company as a member of the Young Company?  I’m SO excited to be joining Titans Young Company because its such a wonderful opportunity for a young actor like me who’s still trying to learn the ropes of the industry, its the perfect starting point, and the Titan company is such a welcoming family I’m sure to learn a lot and have the most fun here!

Last but not least: Please take this “what shakespeare character are you” survey:  -Out, damned spot, out I say!- I got Lady Macbeth, haha!



Where are you from? Tough question. I was born in Pittsfield, MA. My parents lived in Lenox and my Dad was an actor at Shakespeare & Co. Then I lived in Evanston, IL until I was 7, after which we moved to Glendale, CA, which is close to Los Angeles. So I’m kind of from all over, but L.A. is really my home base. 

What was the first play you were ever in? Love’s Labour’s Lost. I was five years old and played one of the students. My only line was “Hercules, Master!” I’ve been hooked ever since. 

What is the most recent play you have been in?  A collection of Tennesee Williams’ short plays produced by Animus Theater Company and directed by Mathew Lillard. It was an awesome production. I played a small part in a one act called The Long Goodbye. The character’s name was Bill, and he was a really terrible guy. It was fun. 

If you got to pick any toppings, what would you order on your pizza?  Sausage, pepperoni, olives and green bell peppers. 

Where have you gone to school/trained?  I went to the L.A. County High School for the Arts in L.A. Now called Arts High. After high school I thought about trying something new and I wound up studying Spanish at the University of San Francisco. I’m proud to say that this fall I will be studying with Atlantic acting school in the Evening Conservatory Program. 

What is your favorite Shakespeare/Classical play? A Midsummer Night’s Dream

What tv show are you most likely to binge-watch? That 70s Show. Can’t get enough of it. It reminds me of home. 

Why are you excited to be joining Titan Theatre Company as a member of the Young Company? I’m very excited to be a Young Company Member with Titan mainly because they’re doing awesome work. And it’s all about the work. We’re young, fierce, hungry, and dedicated to making great theater. That just makes for all around awesomeness!

Last but not least: Please take this “what shakespeare character are you” survey:         I got Lucentio! Figures…

SOPHIA WATT – Directing and Artistic Associate

Where are you from? SeattlefdQdx 

What was the first play you were ever in? The story of saint Odilia

What is the most recent play you have been in? Last show acted in King Lear.  Last show directed Dracula

If you got to pick any toppings, what would you order on your pizza?  Buffalo chicken pizza  or minimal cheese, basil, onions, tomatoes and anchovies 

Where have you gone to school/trained? The Hartt school 

What is your favorite Shakespeare/Classical play?  I am cheating as I can’t pick one. I love the Henry the Sixth trilogy into Richard III …………and Richard II. I love the histories. 

What tv show are you most likely to binge-watch? I have a dark unhealthy love for the real housewives franchise 

Why are you excited to be joining Titan Theatre Company as a Young Company Member and Artistic Associate? I am excited to work with such fantastic artists and to be a part of such a creative and determined team. 

Last but not least: Please take this “what shakespeare character are you” survey:        Beatrice 



Where are you from/where is your home town?  I was born in Southern California, but I grew up just outside of Seattle, Washington.

What was the first play you were ever in?  When I was four years old I played a munchkin in The Wizard of Oz.  I was a soldier munchkin, which basically means I was the star of the show… obviously.

What is the most recent play you have been in?I am currently playing Rona in a production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

If you got to pick any toppings, what would you order on your pizza?  Mushrooms, prosciutto, goat cheese, and olives.  No question.

Where have you gone to school/trained?  I went to NYU Tisch and while I was there I studied at CAP21 and Stonestreet Studios.

What is your favorite Shakespeare/Classical play?  Call me cliche, but I would have to say Romeo and Juliet.  When I was five I went as Juliet for Halloween, so I guess you could say that I was bitten by the Shakespeare bug quite early in life.  I am also a sucker for Troilus and Cressida.

What tv show are you most likely to binge-watch?   Of the shows I have binged watched recently I would have to say BBC’s Sherlock.  That show is mind blowingly good.

Why are you excited to become a member of Titan’s Resident Acting Company?  I come from a primarily musical theatre background but I have always loved Shakespeare!  Getting the chance to work on plays that I have been reading (and LOVING) for as long as I can remember is an absolutely dream.  I mean, it’s Shakespeare for crying out loud!  Who wouldn’t want to speak his words?  Also, Titan has become such a family to me over the last year and I am so excited to continue growing and spending time with such an incredible group of people.

Last but not least: Please take this “what shakespeare character are you” survey:        Beatrice!

Check back in for more on what these fierce and fantastic artists are going to be up to this year.

Titan’s 2015/16 Young Company seems to consist of 2 Lady M’s, 1 Macbeth, 1 Lucentio, and 3 Beatrice’s!!! We could do one heck of a Much Ado About Mabeth’s Shrew!

And if you’re interested in finding out “What Shakespeare Character You Are” you can at: http://www.americanshakespearecenter.com/quiz/  

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